Over the past few months Enabled’s work has scored a series of wins with National and Local Awards. We feel this demonstrates we are doing the right thing by our clients and we hope you won’t mind us sharing a few of these stories.

Mobile Strategies delivered by the Enabled team at the AIMIA Digital Makeover completion, may help Rundle Mall Retailers better connect with their customers.

Last night (Wednesday 21st November) at Keith Murdoch House Adelaide seven teams of leading digital practitioners were briefed by Martin Haese and Amanda Grocock of the Rundle Mall Management Authority, on some of the problems facing retailers of the Rundle Mall Precinct.

With the limited timeframe of two hours, each team had to consider how digital technology could be implemented to overcome these problems. Upon exiting from this pressure cooker each team was given five minutes to present to the audience and attempt to sway a panel of judges to the merits of their digital strategy.

After the article about Enabled being Australia’s biggest iPhone developer, at least, as far as we know, we thought we’d put a list of all our apps up. The apps are classified and described from a business perspective. You can get the user description in the App Store.

I recently attended the RiAUS 3D printing information day and workshop and wanted to share some thoughts on the subject.

Imagine you are product designer creating a new product and instead of dealing with manufacturing, logistics of transport, storing stock in warehouses and dealing with retailers, you simply sell the 3D model to people who print your product in their own home.

The thing is you do not have to imagine, this can be realised today through 3D printing, and 3D Printing is being touted as the next Industrial Revolution. It will transform object manufacturing in the same way the desktop printer has to publishing. The industry is growing fast and already there are many entrepreneurs utilising the freedom and flexibility that bespoke manufacturing provides.

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