Flight Before Christmas

Flight Before Christmas

We’ve just released our newest iPhone app, and to commemorate the occasion, I wrote you a Christmas poem.

The Flight Before Christmas

Tis the flight before Christmas, and up in the air,
there are helicopters, UFO’s and planes everywhere.

People are snuggling into their beds below,
and when the last one sleeps, the house starts to glow.

Then it’s time for Santa and his reindeer team,
to deliver the presents, to those that dream.

His elves are watching, scoring each move,
And if he doesn’t do well, they’ll cut down his food.

So direct their path and clock up your score,
With combo points on an unchanged course,

And the better you do, the more presents you’ll get,
‘Cos you’ll be saving Santa from a frightful diet!

For more information, or a description that ISN’T in prose form, click here.