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Gametraders - Mogo the Monkey


Gametraders - Mogo the Monkey

“A game to go bananas over.”

Following the success of their utility app, the award-winning game retailer, Gametraders, asked us to develop another app, but a game this time. It would be their first venture into game publishing, which they had identified as an opportunity to connect with gamers and differentiate themselves from other retailers.

We developed a puzzle adventure game, full of vengeance, monkeys, and more puns than you can throw an explosive pineapple at. Players grapple with physics, timing, strategy and skill, and literally carve their way to revenge through destructible terrain with an arsenal of explosive fruit.

Enabled conceptualised and developed all aspects of the game, from branding to gameplay. We also suggested Gametraders try something new to give the game a jump-start in the App Store, where it would be competing with over 350,000 other apps. The result is an in-built competition that offers Australians who complete the game, and collect all the coveted gold bananas, a chance to win $2000 in prizes. International entrants will have a chance to win an assortment of iTunes Gift Cards.

Available in the App Store