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Dreamworks Megamind


Dreamworks Megamind

"Cross-platform cross-promotion at its finest."

Firebelly, a movie marketing agency in the UK, with clients from Disney to Universal, collaborated with Enabled to develop iPhone concepts to pitch to Paramount for their new film. A strategy was developed to leverage Enabled’s existing fan-base of almost four million Newton’s Cradle users to gain worldwide awareness for the film, as well as giving the film’s own app a kick-start up the charts.

The film was Megamind, by DreamWorks, Paramount, starring Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt. Paramount accepted the concept, and Enabled added Megamind’s branding and a new ball to Newton’s Cradle Classic, as well as a prominent link to the Megamind Stress Buster app. Within three days, over 60,000 Newton’s Cradle users had updated and played their Newton’s Cradle Classic app.

Enabled also developed the Megamind Stress Buster app - based on the framework of Newton’s Cradle to form an interactive toy starring some of the popular movie characters and complete with a voiceover from Will Ferrell. The app was free, released in high resolution Retina for iPhone 4, and available in five different languages. As well as allowing users to interact with the brand, it acted as a cross-promotion for two other Megamind iPhone apps and Megamind’s official trailer.

The combined effect gave Megamind an instant hit with thousands of Newton’s Cradle users who spent an average of 1-3 minutes engaging with the updated toy, with many of these going on to download Megamind’s Stress Buster app. All users who downloaded the Stress Buster app formed a user-base directly reachable by Paramount for current and future promotions.

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