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Save The Children - Earthquake Response


Save The Children - Earthquake Response

“An app that saves lives both figuratively and literally.”

Save the Children approached Enabled wanting to develop an awareness and educational device that was also engaging and fun. The aim was to invade the entertainment space with a serious message to reach the young and tech-savvy who might not otherwise hear about it.

Enabled developed an iPhone game that emulates real world disaster relief, requiring players to identify needs, set up facilities, manage the logistics of the materials coming in, and allocate resources to best meet the needs. As players save lives by supplying water, shelter, and medical aid to victims of the disaster, a level by level narration teaches them about disaster relief, and gives them a taste of the complexity of managing relief efforts.

The app received international media coverage from Australia to Canada to Ireland to the New York Times. Save the Children have been delighted by the coverage, which has also garnered attention for their Children’s Emergency Fund campaign. Response from the app’s users has also been positive, appreciating its fun and educational aspects. “I heard Hughesey and Kate on Nova talking about this the other day, so I decided to jump on and download it. It’s a great app game - and I’ve learned lots from it. A game with heart!” - RockTheKasbah

Save the Children Earthquake Response app is now in the process of being translated into other languages to further increase global reach.

Available in the App Store