Welcome to the sweltering summer of 2010.

Actually it hasn’t been too bad so far, and that could have something to do with spending a substantial chunk of the last few months on the busy shore of Bondi Beach.

Or at least the airconditioner that’s kept us cool as we stared wistfully at Bondi Beach while preparing the official iPhone app for channel 10’s Bondi Rescue.

Of course, the giant octopus that kills people does soften the allure a little.

Grant and Craig E were recently admiring a showreel that Grant found online. Grant then asked Craig to complete an updated showreel for Enabled in the 10 minutes they had before a meeting was scheduled to start. Craig, following the "ask a silly question - get a silly answer" philosophy put this *cough* showreel together for Grant's viewing pleasure.

I can't believe WE aren't allowed to talk about this yet, but The Australian is.

Stay tuned for the details of our newest iPhone game - because it's about to hit the App Store and then we can tell you about it.

Apparently swinging bowling balls at people's heads attracts media attention.

Oh wait, that's not actually why we were featured in the Advertiser yet again. Remember that pilot we were telling you about? Well this week the we've been busy filming for it, and we had a lovely visitor from the press.