Our Team

  • Grant Hull

    CEO - Director

    With his background in theatre, co-director, Grant, is often joked about as being the 'acting' director of Enabled, but time has shown his creativity and flair is girded with real business sense. He handles the creative direction of projects as well as the sales and marketing for Enabled.

    When he's not roaming the world networking, he's throwing ideas around the office, or getting his hands dirty with what he calls the "fun stuff," putting his impressive web, video and strategic skills to use.

    Outside of work, Grant plays a mean game on the basketball court, lights up the live theatre stage, and is a closet iPhone game addict. He also spends time passing on a number of these traits to his three kids.

    Grant Hull
  • Craig Hull

    COO - Director

    Craig is the co-director of Enabled and gets to play with numbers, analysis, and strategy all day long. But don't let his job outline fool you, he is quite the ideas man.

    As the director who handles the admin, HR and finances, Craig is considered the fatherly figure of Enabled - looking after the flock and its well-being. He does have to bring out the rod sometimes though, playing the role of 'bad cop' when sorting through the finances.

    Joining Grant and Jason, Craig spends his time outside the office on the basketball court. When the game is over, he's doing his best to justify the life-and-death necessity of Enabled getting a corporate superbox for the Adelaide Crows.

    Craig Hull

  • James Hubbard

    Head of Innovation

    James is Enabled's senior designer and has the full arsenal of graphic design skills - branding concepts, print layout, pre-press production, illustration, animation, interface design and game graphics. But his usefulness goes beyond 'making things look pretty', he is also a great source of creative concepts and bad puns.

    He was Enabled's first Mac believer and likes to keep up-to-date on all things Apple, iPhone and interactive related. In brainstorming meetings, he is learning to watch his words after seeing his joking suggestions end up on print and radio.

    A passionate man, James is working hard in life at becoming eccentric. However, at this fledgling stage, he lacks the wardrobe and age, so just comes across as odd.

    James Hubbard

  • Simeon Saëns


    Working in the iPhone and iPad arena, Simeon combines the often mutually exclusive talents of programming and graphic design.

    Much to his frustration, he's had less success combining computer games with his much-loved Mac. Which is perhaps why he has so many other hobbies, at least for someone who likes computer games.

    As well as painting, running, and accumulating useless facts, Simeon happily dilutes the basketball-crazed theme at Enabled by playing squash. He is also an explorer and adventurer- on a continuous quest to discover new and interesting . . . beer.

    Simeon Nasiłowski

  • Dylan Sale

    Senior Developer

    Dylan does backend programming and is Craig's go-to man on database integration.

    Which isn't as convenient as it sounds, because Dylan hates database integration.

    Also a member of the iPhone and iPad team, Dylan is an expert in game design and academic game theory (did you even know that existed? I didn't).

    Outside the office, he spends his time playing board games, card games, and computer games, and feeling concerned about his lack of interests outside of games.

    Dylan Sale

  • Nola Falk

    Digital Designer

    Since Chelsea left, Nola has taken the reigns of being the token female. A passionate individual with perfectionistic tendencies, Nola loves learning, innovating, and, uh, wearing vests.

    She specialises in front end web development, CMS, Flash and illustration.

    While our Digital Designer might wear more vests than the cast of Blossom, don't be fooled - her designs are anything but old-fashioned.

    However, Nola must come with a warning: she's an identical twin. If she doesn't seem to recognise you, don't feel bad - you've probably got the wrong twin. A sure way to tell is to call out "Nola" and see if she says "Yes?". Pity James, our Senior Creative, wasn't forewarned.

    Outside the office, Nola enjoys reading novels, quiet nights in watching TV series or movies, rocking out at music concerts, and being a TV series buff.

    Nola Falk

  • Josh Rogers

    Digital Media Designer

    Josh has the knack for turning a blank page into a work of art. You could even say creativity seeps out of his bones. He is passionate about his work and known for innovative and exciting visual projects.

    With a background encompassing graphics, illustration, web, motion and 3D, and qualifications in design and multimedia, Josh is well suited to breathing aesthetic life into various projects at Enabled.

    Outside of Enabled Josh enjoys game art design and pretending his fantasy football team is a reality.

    Josh Rogers

  • Peter Hartley

    Director - Compliance

    Peter's role at Enabled is to work with the Management team to refine or establish policy and procedures that continue to underpin Enabled's solid growth. This includes areas such as project management, human resources, contracts and agreements as well as management accounting.

    Now don't just think that Peter's addition to the Board was to break a deadlock between an even number of Directors, or to keep a fast growing company within legal niceties! With a background of senior finance roles in several industries, Peter brings innovative business acumen that provides great value to the decision making at Enabled.

    It is his goal that with strong management, the bold vision set forth by Enabled will be fulfilled. Achieving this with happy clients, staff and shareholders, completes his professional aspirations.

    Outside of Enabled, Peter enjoys keeping fit, catching up with family and teaching accounting part time at the University of Adelaide.

    Peter Hartley

  • Heath Neville


    Aside from our benefiting from his happy and positive attitude around the office, Heath has perked the performance of our team by teaching the finer art of a good office coffee, a vestigial skill from his previous barista experience.

    A barista no more, he is now one heck of a developer and, with a cup of coffee in one hand, a keyboard in the other he works at lightning speed. With an obsession for structure and maintaining consistent standards, Heath battles on a daily basis the inner demons of Android.

    Heath enjoys the friendly office banter with Josh comparing their fantasy football team’s success, in the quest for ultimate one-upmanship

    Heath Neville

  • Colin Capurso


    Colin may look like the guy next door, but really, this guy is a total machine!

    His multifaceted development and design skills provide an ultimate boost to the Enabled team.

    Colin is the penultimate multitasker, and can often be found working on a variety of Enabled projects at once.

    Things do not change much in his spare time where he enjoys a multitude of digital art and game projects. Colin is often found working on three game ideas at once.

    Colin Capurso