Royal Automobile Association

RAA was founded in 1903 and more than half of South Australia’s drivers are Members. They offer many benefits to members including Road Service with Patrols responding to over 600,000 call-outs each year.

Customer engagement and loyalty

Business Challenge

In responding to changes within the automotive industry, RAA has been working to strengthen its brand positioning “There’s more to RAA than you might think.”

Our previous projects with RAA focused on internal end-users, whereas this project was about increasing value and engagement for external end-users, i.e. RAA’s members. Moreover, this should also help the company’s branding objective: to be seen as innovative and progressive.


We conducted a Jobs To Be Done workshop to crystallise our shared understanding of user needs. Members needed a more convenient way to access member offers on the go, while not having to carry a physical member card everywhere.

This exercise allowed us to design interactions within the app that would suit the needs of members and potentially, encourage non-members to join.

While it seemed obvious that RAA would choose to build a mobile platform rather than a just web one, we also needed to consider the scalability of this platform to facilitate business planning.

Steps taken

  • Process mapping
  • User journey mapping
  • Technology audit
  • Solution design


After coming up with a number of designs, Enabled worked with RAA to refine the mobile experience.

The myRAA app allows users to do member-related tasks such as registration and account management. Moreover, they can also access loyalty benefits including special offers and competitions.

To make sure the app functions seamlessly, we integrated it with RAA’s Content Management System.

Steps taken

  • UX / UI Design
  • App Development
  • Systems Integration

Enabling user engagement on the go

With the majority of members using mobile phones when they need to interact with RAA, we made sure that opportunity does not go to waste. The mobile platform has a single purpose proposition: help users gain value from their membership.

What about non-members? To maximise conversion, we made the app functional even without having to log in. The rationale is to allow non-members – or friends and family of existing members – glimpse the desirable world RAA builds for its customers.

“Enabled made the development of our myRAA mobile application seamless. The quality of work and youthful look and feel was exactly what we needed to appeal to our target market. Through our partnership with Enabled, we launched a successful app which has surpassed our expectations and we look forward to working more with them in the future.”

Kimberley Bolton, Senior Manager Brand & Membership Marketing at RAA

The results

The present benefits are added value and convenience for members on the go. In terms of a future direction, this platform can evolve into a one-stop hub as RAA’s offerings span multiple aspects of life.

The bigger picture
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