It is increasingly hard to make sense of this fast-moving world and what worked in the past may not work in the future.

The truth is: the conditions of yesterday are not even the same as those we face tomorrow. To cope, people seek quick technology "hacks" that rapidly become ineffective. Or worse, they invest in long and expensive technology solutions which are obsolete before they are complete.

In this fast-moving world, rather than focusing on solutions, we need new patterns of thought. Sustainable innovations are inherently problem-centric, so by articulating the problems your customers experience and solving them better than your competitors, you will consistently achieve more valuable outcomes.

These talks and workshops are intended to introduce these new ways of thinking so that businesses aren't dependent on specific strategies or platforms. We also share the tools and methods to uncover causal attributes, helping you gain an understanding of what actions to take and direction to travel.

"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones."

- John Maynard Keyes

Speaking Topics


Difference between creativity and innovation.

Successful innovations start with articulating a problem rather than having an idea.


What it means to you

Overview of disruption theories, the evolution/origin of the term "disruption" and how it affects businesses.

How the Internet is Affecting the World

Borderless connectivity

Examples that demonstrate how companies are using the scale and zero distribution cost of the internet and what you can learn from them.

Do You Have a Good Idea?

Where lasting value comes from

Aligning creativity with the problems being solved to map out your value proposition and deliver value.

Solve Your Market's Jobs by Providing Utility

Real & Ongoing Customer Engagement

Applying the Jobs To Be Done framework from a marketing perspective.

Digital Storytelling

Will They Engage?

Looking at transmedia storytelling, highlighting that you cannot force your storytelling into a social paradigm where it is not desired and the need to be native.

Understanding the Jobs of Social Media

Stop The Hacking and Start the Sharing

Diving deep into the rationale behind social media to identify strategies that deliver genuine value for both brands and consumers.



State of business in the digital era

Overview of notable shifts in the business landscape and frameworks arising out of them.

Disruption, aggregation, Human Centred Design, design thinking, customer centricity, blue ocean strategy, Jobs To Be Done.

New Business Model Formation

When to go against corporate instinct

What lean startup is and how it can be applied to enterprises. Overview of tech-enabled business models and how you can leverage them

Platforms, pre-commerce, SaaS, IoT, business canvas

Jobs To Be Done Workshop

For Better Product/Service Development

Learn why traditional user research is not enough and how to build a product or service that sticks.

Jobs to be done, outcome driven innovation, human centred design

We engaged the services from Enabled to educate, coach and train our board members through the transformation of a digital world.

The engagement challenged us to think deeply about the reasons why social networks work, which helped our customers make strategic and educated decisions about how they market their business to gain more business.

Matt Greck

Senior Channel Manager - Club Clipsal/HUB

Meet our speaker

Grant Hull

As the CEO of digital innovation firm Enabled, Grant has guided the business through the "Dot Com Bust", leveraged the spread of Broadband, and grasped an early mover advantage in smartphone and touch technology.

Graduating with honours in Business Information Systems and Advances in Human-Computer Interfaces, Grant is formally qualified as a consultant and business analyst.

Additionally, his study in Design Thinking, innovation processes, and the scientific method, coupled with lifelong learning ethics, has helped Grant construct a multidisciplinary team to succeed in a fast moving world.

Enabled's mission is to understand human needs and address these by using the latest digital technologies. Over the last sixteen years, Enabled has worked with iconic Australian brands such as Coopers Brewery, ABC, RAA, and other multinationals such as Schneider Electric and Discovery Channel.

Grant served for many years as President of South Australia's Interactive Media Industry Association and is also a popular presenter and speaker in the digital media sector.

Grant has appeared on ABC's Inside Business, Qantas Radio Business Channel, the Australian Documentary Conference "Doc Week" and spoken at nationally focused events like Marketing Week and Family Business Association annual conference, with a highlight of presenting on the future of content at the KANZ (Korea-Australia-New-Zealand) Broadband Summit.

Grant is also appreciated across the tech innovation scene, where he acts as mentor on developing new business models and designing great user experiences within several innovation and start-up programs delivered by government and universities.

He has served on an advisory panel to establish a post graduate program in 'Innovation' for UniSA. Additionally, Grant has created and delivered for several years, the very successful 'Tech eChallenge' for Adelaide University, which is now also delivered at Charles Sturt University.

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WORKSHOP facilitators

Craig Hull

Craig's formal qualification is similar to Grant's and with an extra skew towards business and financial management. Craig's executive role at Enabled is that of a Chief Operations Officer, overseeing areas of strategy and finance.

Additionally, he regularly leads consulting and ideation as part of Enabled's innovation process. In addition to working with established enterprises, Craig has worked with many local start-ups, assisting directly with app development and also mentoring them in strategic execution. Each of these has experienced business success and was recognised through a multitude of innovation awards.

Entrepreneuring within Sports Technology is another accomplishment of Craig, having led the creation and successful sale of iSports.


James Hubbard

James is a qualified designer and advertising professional with unique skills and experience in strategic consulting; project management; team oversight; art direction; user experience and user interface design.

His extensive portfolio include projects with both local and global brands. James has also received awards for creating solutions that apply emerging technologies to existing business sectors.

At Enabled, he acts as a Chief Design Officer, overseeing all design processes both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. James also plays a pivotal role within Enabled's innovation process as a client-facing consultant to understand their needs, thereby providing critical and creative thinking to ensure Enabled's results meet these needs.


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