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What we go through with you in every project

These are not mutually exclusive or siloed stages.

  • Discover

  • Ideate

  • Create

  • Grow


This stage identifies friction in people’s interactions with your brand, whether for internal or external users.

  • Steps taken

    • Jobs To Be Done
    • User Journey Mapping
    • Process Mapping
    • Systems Mapping
    • Technology Audit
  • Deliverables

    • Job stories
    • User needs analysis
    • Tech audit report


Using design thinking, this is where we come up with creative ways to solve the problem clearly defined in the previous stage.

  • Steps taken

    • Research and Development
    • Concept Creation
    • Prototyping
  • Deliverables

    • Proof of concepts
    • Wireframes, app maps


This stage weaves design and technology together, ensuring interoperability and overall business functionality.

  • Steps taken

    • User Experience
    • User Interface
    • Solution Design
    • App & Systems Development
    • Systems Integration
  • Deliverables

    • Technical specification
    • Design guide
    • Code package


Technology is always changing. With a long-term view, we work with you to make sure a project done today will also serve tomorrow and beyond.

  • Steps taken

    • Testing
    • Project Review
    • Upgrade Planning
  • Deliverables

    • Sign-off
    • Future Roadmap

What you get as potential results

This is not an exhaustive list of enablers we build. If you can imagine it, we can enable it.


Innovation workshop

Equip your team with an understanding of innovation frameworks and techniques, as well as how to make use of current & emerging technologies.

We’ve been running a special innovation course at multiple Australian universities and executive groups. Talk to us to arrange a customised workshop for your company or choose from our existing offerings.


New (digital) product development

Taking an idea from A to Z where Enabled implements in partnership with clients our unique innovation process, to discover the unmet needs of customers, wrapping these in new business models and producing the technology to achieve these aims.

Success Stories



Mobility solutions

Taking systems and processes to mobile devices, to better serve customers and empower workforces. These include both customer-facing and internal processes, as well as field service mobility.

Success Stories

Healthcare Australia RAA

Featured Service
Accessibility Audit


Omni-channel retail

Smooth out your customer’s buying journey with a holistic experience design that takes into account online retail (eCommerce, mCommerce) and complementary services.

Success Stories

BrewArt Clipsal


Internet of Things

Creating digital device ecosystems that are controllable via the internet or mobile to help make life smarter and more instant.

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User Experience & Engagement

Make your brand memorable while helping customers solve their problems with tools such as interaction design, interactive display, augmented reality, games, etc.

Success Stories

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Web Development


Big Data & Machine Learning

You cannot go back in time to collect data that you forgot to capture. Enabled is assisting clients to collect, manage and make sense of their data both now and as a growing asset for the future.


Microservices & APIs

Getting software and systems talking to each other in a connected age is still a challenge. Enabled has proven results in using Microservices architecture and robust API development to achieve cloud-scale integrations.

Featured Insight
Microservices Innovation

Why it works

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to reap benefits from innovation.

We help you apply proven methodologies from the world’s pioneers in human-centred design and innovation. From IDEO - the global design firm that popularised Design Thinking: An innovative solution is most successful with the right overlap of outcomes identified by the three lenses below.

To build an innovative solution

Consider these three lenses

Human Human Human
light globe light globe innovation
  • Human

    Identifying different tiers of users and clarifying their needs. Who is the end-user and who is the payer?

  • Technology

    A robust evaluation of the technical options that can realise the solution. Not what’s the latest but what’s the most suitable.

  • Business

    Understanding whether a client or market can support the innovation with appropriate resources. Is it viable and scalable?

Jobs To Be Done

A key framework popularised by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, and inspired by Theodore Levitt - the man who coined the term “globalization.”

Drill A Hole

When a friend asks to borrow a drill you might ask them what job they are trying to accomplish. They are likely to explain the job is to drill a hole.

The Job

However, asking them why they desire a hole uncovers they would like to hang a picture. The actual job for the drill is not to make a hole but to hang a picture.

Solving the Job

Knowing this important detail, you could skip the drill entirely and hand them a modern sticky wall hook. The Jobs To Be Done principle considers not what a person is doing, but what they are trying to achieve.

Seamless Experience

Adapting this mindset allows Enabled to listen to our clients and their customers to ensure that technology gets out of the way, blending seamlessly into the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much does it cost to develop an app?
    • What sort of app are you looking at? Do you even need an app or do you need something else completely? By starting with the right questions, you can have a more meaningful project outcome that is not just about cost.

    • Is Enabled a creative agency or a technical production house?
    • We don’t fit in either category. In fact, it’s impractical to pigeonhole us as we draw on multiple disciplines to come up with the best solution for you.

    • Why do you like design thinking or human-centered design?
    • We are a believer and practitioner because this approach puts users in the driver’s seat, which could only benefit brands in the long run. Solving problems for users better is the ultimate competitive advantage.

    • Is that the same as using buyer personas to create products or solutions?
    • Personas are for understanding who your customers are, not what they try to do. We believe that’s the missing component in building any innovation, which is why we start with that very question “What job are they trying to do in a given situation?“. You can read about the “Jobs to be done” framework in our blog post.

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