RAA was founded in 1903 and more than half of South Australia’s drivers are Members. They offer many benefits to members including Road Service with Patrols responding to over 600,000 call-outs each year.

Enabling mobile
point of sale

Business Challenge

If a customer calls RAA, they expect the problem with their car to be promptly fixed. Thus, any delay in processing their purchase of replacement items such as batteries, would affect brand loyalty.

The existing solution for this process was an app called Road Side Tax Invoicing (RSTI) on Windows XP tablets. As the next step to modernise RAA’s entire system, we stepped in to transform RSTI.

What we did

Following the analysis from our previous project, we designed and integrated RSTI into the same Android tablet containing RAA’s service dispatch app (See more here).

This application also interfaces with a portable combined receipt printer and credit card reader device via Bluetooth.

Significant reverse engineering of the undocumented source code was required to make this application communicate to RAA’s server. This would also ensure their employees have the correct stock level information.

Keeping in mind the mobile nature of Road Service, Enabled designed the user interface so as to minimise touch errors. Moreover, as payment is involved, security and authentication functionality had to be robust.

Steps taken

Process Mapping

Technology selection

Solution Design

The results

The upgraded RSTI makes the buying and paying experience hassle-free for end customers while allowing smooth processing back at RAA’s office. Together with DiscoVan (See more here), RSTI was deployed to South Australia and Tasmania upon its release.