PROVIDING BrewArtists THE ABILITY to create endless possible combinations of ingredients, and recreate their favourite beer styles from around the world.

The Challenge

Currently on the market, home brewing recipes usually contain the exact weight of different ingredient types (e.g. malt, yeast, malt extract) all mixed in a single steel can. Homebrewers like to experiment and mix and match flavours and will often resort to using two half cans to create a blended beverage.

This can cause wastage as they do not use up the full amount of packaged ingredients expected by the single recipe in the can.

This fixed system doesn’t allow creative freedom sought by BrewArt’s target users.

What we did

We encouraged our client to develop a unitised system of ingredients that are contained in several smaller packages rather than a combined recipe in a single steel can. Now every brew is represented by a combination of these building block ingredients. These building blocks can be mixed and matched to create hundreds of different recipes.

Think of each recipe as a Lego set. These recipes are now referred to as BrewPrints.

The Old

Combined recipe

The New

Building block ingredients

Flexibility for customers

BrewArtists can play with endless possible combinations of ingredients, and recreate their favourite beer styles from around the world.

That means they can even invent their own recipes, or customise existing recipes to suit their taste by simply modifying the number of building blocks (ingredients).

The Ingredients






Streamlined workflow

Home brewing has never been so convenient. BrewArt users can purchase new recipes or ingredients, which are instantly added to their virtual shelf.

Once the customer receives their package in the mail and load the ingredients onto BeerDroid, a tap of a button in the app is all it takes to get the beer brewing.

To complement the new BrewArt system, Enabled also developed an online store that works across web and mobile.

The store has an extensive product database from recipes (BrewPrints), ingredients, to accessories and obviously the hardware (BeerDroid and BrewFlo).

Strengthening brand affinity

From a marketing point of view, through the building block system, our client can satisfy the needs of any niche segment without worrying about the level of demand.

They can create new BrewPrints based on requests of the most loyal and vocal consumers, thereby increasing good word of mouth.



The building block system not only makes sense in terms of waste reduction, but also provides a more intuitive shopping experience. BrewArtists can shop anytime anywhere and track the order status on any supported device.