The trend of home brewing and craft beer appreciation has been growing since the late 1970s. As the world is constantly evolving,
our client started brewing a bigger idea to revolutionise the market. They wanted to build a fully automated beer brewing machine.

Brewart Beer Droid
Pints of beer

Brewing the idea of a world’s first product

It began as an internal project worked on by only a few people. They were working on developing an automated brewing machine.

The original prototype was an electrical machine with a LCD display controlled by physical buttons. Against this backdrop, the worldwide movement towards mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) was beginning to pick up steam. Realising the need to take it to the next level, Coopers turned to Enabled for guidance in this new territory.

Bringing Enabled on board was a way for Coopers to de-risk the project and harness the R&D capability found missing in other groups.

The birth of BrewArt

After a two-year period of refining the IoT, ecommerce platform and final manufacturing process, Enabled helped Coopers launch BrewArt - the world’s first fully automated internet connected home brewing machine.

BrewArt is aimed at the growing market of home brewing enthusiasts who love experimenting with new flavours without compromising convenience.

Beerflow Machine

The BrewArt system consists of:

  • BeerDroid: the smart brewing machine
  • BrewFlo: the beer dispenser
  • BrewPrints: beer recipes & program instructions
  • Ingredients: unitised items that can be combined to make up BrewPrints
  • Online store: powered by Magento ecommerce
Teaser video produced by Enabled to stir pre-launch excitement around BrewArt

Why the Internet of things?

How could users be confident that they will get their beer after more than 2 weeks of brewing? There are many factors that could go wrong, e.g. timing, temperature. BrewArt seeks to minimise human error arising from the typical plastic home brew kits.

The idea is to let homebrewers monitor the brewing process anytime anywhere while still having peace of mind offered by foolproof automation. We developed a working Internet of Things prototype as a proof of concept for BrewArt before building the real thing.

Essentially, Enabled wrapped a digital component around a physical product, facilitating communication between the BeerDroid and the user’s mobile phone via an app. Moreover, when consumers buy a recipe - a BrewPrint - from the online store, it automatically programs the BeerDroid to brew beer accurate to that style.

Hence, we built the IoT component not because it was the latest technology or a cool buzzword at the time, but because it actually did the job of automation with precision.

In other words, this IoT technology takes care of the “science” so that BrewArt’s target customers can express themselves with the “art.”

Apps on smartphones

Foundation for a thriving ecosystem

From the start, we knew we weren’t just going to build a piece of shiny tech without any support system around it. Hence, after ensuring technological feasibility with a working prototype, we were engaged to come up with a go-to-market strategy for BrewArt and treat the product as if it was our own.

Enabled went to devise a whole ecosystem around BrewArt, starting by building an online store powered by Magento ecommerce, then laying out a roadmap for product scalability and customer lock-in.

The long-term goal was to create a vibrant and profitable platform where home brewers can easily create and share their own beer recipes, thereby triggering a network effect.

In moving towards the the idea of a marketplace, BrewArt needed to make it easy for users to mix and match ingredients for new recipe experiments. Enabled helped create an intuitive shopping experience and reduce wastage in the supply chain.